Friday, July 31, 2009

A new friend

The man who owns the house next door doesn't live there, but is fixing it up to sell. He just put it on the market today. A little girl who must be his niece or something, Faith, came over to play with the kids. It was the very first time Amelia came in the door and said, "Can my friend come inside to play?" Camden keeps calling her "girl friend". "Hey girl friend let's go play out back!"

So they played out front for a while drawing with chalk:

They've been playing all afternoon, going back and forth between the two houses. Of course Camden does not want to play princesses and mommies with them so he's trying to torture them and make them play dinosaurs with him...

In the meantime, Matilda is busy playing with Amelia's stroller.

I forgot something!
Today I couldn't find my phone. I asked the kids if they had done something with it. Camden said, "It's your business to keep track of your own stuff, mom!"

Wonder where he heard that?

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