Friday, July 31, 2009

A new friend

The man who owns the house next door doesn't live there, but is fixing it up to sell. He just put it on the market today. A little girl who must be his niece or something, Faith, came over to play with the kids. It was the very first time Amelia came in the door and said, "Can my friend come inside to play?" Camden keeps calling her "girl friend". "Hey girl friend let's go play out back!"

So they played out front for a while drawing with chalk:

They've been playing all afternoon, going back and forth between the two houses. Of course Camden does not want to play princesses and mommies with them so he's trying to torture them and make them play dinosaurs with him...

In the meantime, Matilda is busy playing with Amelia's stroller.

I forgot something!
Today I couldn't find my phone. I asked the kids if they had done something with it. Camden said, "It's your business to keep track of your own stuff, mom!"

Wonder where he heard that?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dentist and Pizza

Camden and Amelia had their dentist appointments today. Camden has been once before, but it was Amelia's first time. She cried a little at home and didn't want to go. But she did a great job there, and on the way home she said, "I shouldnt have cried, but I didn't know." I said, "You didn't know what?" She said, "That going to the dentist would be so fun!" :-) I think the new princess toothbrush and two prizes from the prize drawer helped.

We let Camden go first so that she could see it wouldn't hurt. Miss Kelly did a great job with the kids!

Tonight we made homemade pizza with honey whole wheat crust made from scratch. The kids enjoyed it. Amelia was mad because I made her use the pink plate when she wanted the blue one.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Miscellaneous stuff

It's been a few days...

Saturday morning we went to week 3 of ballet:

Then we went to the Farmer's Market in Liberty and got lots of fresh veggies. When we got home it was time for lunch and Matilda tried her hand at eating some ravioli...

Saturday night we got to go out to eat with some friends. We went to Moonlight Sushi and tried some tasty new things. It was Tommy's first sushi experience. I think he enjoyed it. I KNOW I did! I LOVE sushi!

Sunday was a red letter day! We finally got the outside of our roof fixed. Now we just need to wait for a good rain and make sure that we got all the spots that were leaking. We'll wait to fix the inside until we're sure about that. Aunt Carey came and played while the guys were working on the roof. Amelia enjoyed some cuddle time with her.

We also got some new furniture. Well, new to us anyway. I love CraigsList. I've bought and sold lots of things on there. Yesterday we got a new blue and white striped loveseat with a twin size hide-a-bed and a nice big blue chair and ottoman. After a good steam cleaning and restuffing the pillows, we really like it! Now we just need to find a new couch that "goes" with the loveseat and chair and we'll be set. I'm waiting patiently for the perfect deal.

Today we went to the gym, hung out at home, and then Camden and Amelia did some video performances for me to post. Camden is doing his "Duck Dodgers" dance. Duck Dodgers is some cartoon he's been watching lately. Not really sure that the dance actually has anything to do with it, but that's what he calls it.

Amelia's performance is her "ballet". Some of it she just made up and some of it (the "butterfly flaps" and "opening the storybook" are things she actually learned in ballet.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


So today we didn't do a whole lot, but I have some pictures anyway. First is Camden and Matilda playing on the floor. They were having so much fun!

Amelia wanted her picture taken, too.

A little while later Matilda pulled most of the books (the ones she could reach anyway) off the bookshelf. She was surrounded by books and sat there for the longest time looking at pictures! My little librarian. Actually, if she was a librarian she would have known how to put the books back. I guess that makes ME the librarian.

Yesterday's shenanigans by Amelia I think I put on Facebook but didn't get them on here. Her quotes of the day:

While watching this cartoon channel called Boomerang: "It's on Booberang!"
and then, "I'm the queen. And I'm in charge. Understand that!"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ok, so it's been a week!

Oops! We've been busy, and by the time the kids are in bed I've been too tired to work on the blog. So...what's been going on for the past 7 days?

Kristen came for a short visit...she'll be back in August for a final visit before moving to Germany with the Air Force as a flight nurse for 2 years.

At the same time Kristen was here, my grandpa came to visit for a couple days as well.

If you didn't know, Matilda is a total Daddy's girl. She never gets as excited as when she sees him...

We spent a little time at the pool...Matilda enjoyed drinking the water.

And Matilda learned that she likes to try and dress herself with Amelia's clothes and then crawl around with dresses on her head running into things.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quick and funny

I'll probably do a longer post later, but I didn't want to forget this. Amelia looked at me and said, "Mommy, you have a crack in your eye." I asked her what color it is. "Red," she said.

I must be tired and have bloodshot eyes! :-P

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Banana Splits

This afternoon the kids were full of energy and destroying the house. So we went to Penguin Park for a while, but it was so darn hot we decided to come home after about 20 minutes. I stopped at Sonic to get the kids a banana split. Here are pictures to document:

Matilda's first banana split...I think she enjoyed it.

Camden is an ice cream fiend:

Amelia was just glad to be cooling off:

And I thought some of you who don't get to see the kids often might appreciate this little video of Matilda and Amelia cracking each other up (or cracking out, as Amelia always says!). I was getting Matilda ready for bed and she was laughing so hard I had to grab the camera.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Funny things from today, and a couple pictures

We stayed home today, but I was messing with my camera so I have a few pictures to post.

Matilda was pretty fascinated with the little spot of light coming in from the window and showing up on the pantry:

Today Camden told me this:
"I'm going to ask Santa for a thing I can lick that will turn me into a dalmatian dog."

And Amelia told me this:
"I'm going to eat my veggies so my tummy can get bigger and I am going to be a mommy just like you. And I can wear the same clothes as you." (We'll see how long that lasts..)

The kids are excited tonight because Auntie Kristen comes tomorrow! I'm sure we'll have pictures with her and the kids up for tomorrow's post.

Saturday, July 11, 2009 1

Amelia had her first ballet lesson today.

When we first got there, she didn't want me to leave her and she was really pouty. They take the kids in a room and then the parents and siblings go to a waiting room. The pictures I got were through a little window in the door, so they didn't come out great, but here they are:

After she was done she told me how much she loved it and how much fun she had. She said she learned how to do butterfly flaps and walk on her toes in a line. I tried to get her to let me videotape what she learned, but she keeps telling me, "Later mom, ok?" Maybe soon we'll have a video up of the little ballerina.

I really like the ballet school she's going to. They emphasize morals and values, and never make the kids wear anything inappropriate. I recently went to a dance recital where the little girls were covered in makeup and had pretty questionable outfits on that I would never be comfortable letting my daughter wear.

She's in a four week class right now, so for the next three Saturdays there should be more ballet pics!

Friday, July 10, 2009

A day of not much

No pictures today! We didn't really do a whole lot. I got to be the foreperson in a focus group for a mock trial of a medical malpractice lawsuit, which was really interesting. The deliberations got pretty heated and there were plenty of shenanigans. Unfortunately, I had to sign a confidentiality agreement so I can't really talk about any of the details. Anyhow, I got to sit in a room with 12 other grown-ups for 3 hours to give my opinion and they paid me $100. Doesn't get much better than that!

My friend Beth watched the kiddos tonight so I could get some kid-free grocery shopping done, which was great because what took me two hours without them would have probably taken me 3 or 4 hours with them. And I ran into my good friend Rhonda who I used to work with and haven't seen in ages, so that was a nice bonus! :-)

Tomorrow Amelia starts a 4 week ballet class, so there will definitely be new pics up then.

A couple of kid quotes from today:

Actually, this one is from last night...
Camden had to go to bed first because he got in trouble. The rule is that whichever one goes to bed last is not allowed to watch TV or play the Leapster after the other one goes to bed. They have to read books.
Amelia was begging me, "Mommy, I just want to watch one tiny little show!" (complete with fingers showing me how tiny)
I told her she knew the rule and that she needed to get a book.
She said, "No fair! You never let me do anything!"
I was quite shocked to hear this from the mouth of a 3 year old...

And one from Camden...
The kids were playing a video game this afternoon, and had to take turns. When it was Amelia's turn she passed some part that she hadn't been able to before. Camden patted her on the back and said, "Atta girl! You're getting good at this game." This is noteworthy because he usually isn't nice to her...he does everything in his power to torment her. So when I see him being nice it makes a big impression!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shenanigans of the day

Funny Shenanigans:
In the car today we were talking about our address. Camden asked me what street God lives on. I told him that God is in heaven and they don't have addresses there. His response:
"Yes they do! They have streets made of gold in heaven!"
Then I laughed.
He said, "They really do! I learned it at church!" :-)

Sweet Shenanigans:
We listen to K-Love in the car. There's a song by Matt Redman called You Never Let Go. Yesterday, Amelia was singing it over and over in the car. "Oh no, you never let go, Oh no, you never let go..." I don't even think she knew anyone was listening to her, she was just off in her own little world.

Another day, another park

Today we went to Antioch Park in Merriam, KS. A bit of a drive, but I was meeting a lady there to buy some cloth diapers from, so we decided to stay and play a while. The kids had fun!

Although at first we had some issues...Amelia scraped her back on the rocks while she was trying to sit down, Matilda was unhappy in the grass, and Camden wasn't really sure what was going on!

Amelia played on this:

While Camden tried his skills on the rings and rock climbing:

Camden and Amelia spent a some time playing in the cute little village:

Then the girls went on the swings. Matilda LOVES the baby swings. She laughed and giggled the whole time. Amelia took her baby for a swing with her:

Another fun summer day!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A fun morning (mostly)

We spent the morning at Paradise Park with our friends the Brownells today. The kids almost always have a blast. Today Camden and Amelia had a few grumpy moments...

But Matilda loved the infant room!

The kids finally cheered up, listened to a story, made ice cream themed crafts, made ice cream sundaes in the cooking class, played outside, and then it was time to go home.

They encourage kids to paint their own faces, and Camden and Amelia always have fun with that. Today Camden said he was a giraffe, and then a lion.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Family vacation, summer 2009

For anyone who is wondering...this is my dad's (and some other guys, too) hunting cabin in Hermitage, MO. We went down there for two days just to get away and have some family time. We also spent a day at Pomme de Terre Lake. I think we'll definitely be going back sometime.

The beginning...

I've never blogged before! This is a first for me, but I'm excited about being able to share our lives with our family and friends. So this is the beginning of something I hope to keep up with for years to come!