Monday, July 27, 2009

Miscellaneous stuff

It's been a few days...

Saturday morning we went to week 3 of ballet:

Then we went to the Farmer's Market in Liberty and got lots of fresh veggies. When we got home it was time for lunch and Matilda tried her hand at eating some ravioli...

Saturday night we got to go out to eat with some friends. We went to Moonlight Sushi and tried some tasty new things. It was Tommy's first sushi experience. I think he enjoyed it. I KNOW I did! I LOVE sushi!

Sunday was a red letter day! We finally got the outside of our roof fixed. Now we just need to wait for a good rain and make sure that we got all the spots that were leaking. We'll wait to fix the inside until we're sure about that. Aunt Carey came and played while the guys were working on the roof. Amelia enjoyed some cuddle time with her.

We also got some new furniture. Well, new to us anyway. I love CraigsList. I've bought and sold lots of things on there. Yesterday we got a new blue and white striped loveseat with a twin size hide-a-bed and a nice big blue chair and ottoman. After a good steam cleaning and restuffing the pillows, we really like it! Now we just need to find a new couch that "goes" with the loveseat and chair and we'll be set. I'm waiting patiently for the perfect deal.

Today we went to the gym, hung out at home, and then Camden and Amelia did some video performances for me to post. Camden is doing his "Duck Dodgers" dance. Duck Dodgers is some cartoon he's been watching lately. Not really sure that the dance actually has anything to do with it, but that's what he calls it.

Amelia's performance is her "ballet". Some of it she just made up and some of it (the "butterfly flaps" and "opening the storybook" are things she actually learned in ballet.

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  1. I finally got your blog in my blogroll. Sorry it took so long. Its one of those things I thought I had already done.