Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dentist and Pizza

Camden and Amelia had their dentist appointments today. Camden has been once before, but it was Amelia's first time. She cried a little at home and didn't want to go. But she did a great job there, and on the way home she said, "I shouldnt have cried, but I didn't know." I said, "You didn't know what?" She said, "That going to the dentist would be so fun!" :-) I think the new princess toothbrush and two prizes from the prize drawer helped.

We let Camden go first so that she could see it wouldn't hurt. Miss Kelly did a great job with the kids!

Tonight we made homemade pizza with honey whole wheat crust made from scratch. The kids enjoyed it. Amelia was mad because I made her use the pink plate when she wanted the blue one.

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