Monday, September 21, 2009

The last week

Yeah I know, everyone keeps telling me. "It's been a week since you updated, you know!" I know! Ok, so update for the week:

Saturday was my birthday. It was a little crazy with Tommy working, but after the kids went to bed Kelly came over and hung out with me. She brought me a homemade cake and some wine. Beth also came over with a mini cake complete with a candle for me! So the three of us hung out for a while and had fun just talking and laughing.

Sunday night we went over to my mom and dad's for my birthday dinner. Pesto shrimp fettucini, salad, and bread. It was delicious!

Monday I went to Mardel, which is a huge, awesome Christian book store in Overland Park. Mom came with me to help with the kids. I'm the nursery supervisor at church, and we're starting a new program for the older 1 and 2 year olds, so I had to go in search of some curriculum.

Monday was also the day when Amelia started asking about getting married. First she wanted to marry Camden, but he told her he was already marrying Sarah from school. Then she asked me if she could marry Daddy, and I told her Daddy was already married to me. Then she wanted to know if she could marry me, and I told her I was already married to Daddy. She got a very concerned face, and in a very sad voice she said, "Well who will marry me then? I wish there was a little boy that would marry me now so I didn't have to wait till I'm a grown up."

Tuesday we were working on the kids' memory verses for Awana. Amelia's story had something in it about David, and asked what David the shepherd might see as he looked around. I think they were going for nature things, but Amelia said, "Golijah!" I think she mixed up a couple stories!

By Thursday I had made Amelia mad enough by not letting her have candy for breakfast that she yelled at me, "I'm never ever talking to you ever again!" And then when Camden got home from school and I wouldn't let him have candy, he started getting angry. I told him to go to his room, and on the way up the stairs he called me a "big fat potato head." It's hard to not laugh for some of this!

Amelia went to dance lessons and did a great job, so we ordered her tap shoes and she's ready to learn!

Paula thankfully kept Camden and Amelia over night on Friday since I still wasn't feeling great (strep throat), so I had a nice quiet night with just Matilda. The antibiotics finally kicked in and Saturday I was much better.

I went to pick the kids up in the afternoon, and when we got home Camden decided he couldn't wait to get inside to use the bathroom so he dropped his pants and underwear and peed all over the front porch. That was interesting, since the guy next door was supposed to be having an open house on Sunday so he was out front getting the yard done, probably hoping that we wouldn't be home from 1 - 3 on Sunday in case my kids decided to do anything crazy during his open house!

Sunday after church Tommy took the kids to his friend's house to watch the Chiefs game, and I took Jack (our black lab) to the dog park in Shawnee Mission with Kelly. It was quite a sight getting four black labs into the back of her Rodeo. We were laughing pretty hard by the time everyone was in! Jack did really well, it was his first time there and it is off leash so I was a little worried he would take off from me, but he stayed with me and did a great job! He was exhausted by the time we got home! Then we took the kids to mom and dad's so Tommy and I could go out to dinner for our anniversary (which is Tuesday, but he has to work). We went to Red Lobster and had endless shrimp! It was nice to have a meal with no kiddos!

So now it's Monday, Camden is at school, Amelia is watching Barbie in Rapunzel, Matilda is playing with Mathew (the little boy I watch once in a while) and I'm updating. Oh, there were no pictures this time because I forgot to put the memory card in my camera! It's back in now, so over the next few days I'll get pictures and post them.

Wonder what kind of shenanigans the kids will get into this week...

Friday, September 11, 2009

A couple things I forgot...

Matilda now tells me when she poops. Exciting, I know. She looks at me and says, "Puh puh!"

She also says, "Gooky" for when she wants a drink.

She's starting to use so many words lately!

She says Jack, for the dog, nana for banana, and of course dada...she is a total daddy's girl!
She waves and says bye bye, baby, and mmmmm! when she's hungry.

Oops, I did it again!

I know. I said I was going to try and do a better job keeping up with it. Anyway...

What we've been up to:
Last Friday night we had a slumber party over at Abby's house. All of us. The kids had tons of fun. We had pizza, the kids did some art projects, somehow we fit 5 kids in a bathtub, and then they went to sleep!

Beth and I baked brownies, watched Jane Austen movies, and drank a glass of wine.

On Sunday we went to Paula's after church. Todd and Mary Ann were here visiting and Tommy, Todd, and Camden went to the Royals game.

On Monday evening, Labor Day, we took a trip to the beach at Smithville Lake with Beth and the kids. Her husband came later and we had a picnic.

Thursday Amelia started dance lessons. She'll take ballet, tap, and tumbling. We searched everywhere and couldn't find her ballet shoes from the other ballet class she took, so we are hoping to find them and not have to buy more since we also need to order tap shoes. Her friend Brennah is in her class with her. They both spent the first half of the class in tears.

Thankfully for the second half they were ok, and started doing the dances with the other kids.

Last but not least, Matilda has some new tricks. If you ask her what a dinosaur says, she growls. I think she's been playing with her brother a little bit. If you ask her what Dora says, she sings, "backpack, backpack!" See the video below.

Camden is enjoying school and doing a pretty good job. We get progress reports every Friday, so when he gets home today we'll see how he did this week. We turned in his first Scholastic Book Club order today. I remember those from when I was in school, I loved ordering new books! I let each of the kids pick out one book this time.

Tommy's schedule is picking up at work. In fact he has to work tomorrow on my birthday! So my friend Kelly is going to come over after the kids go to bed and watch a movie with me. I think I'm going to make some guacamole, yum!

I've been picking up some business making Ta-ta Tarps, too! I just put some pictures of new fabrics on my business page, and will be going to another fabric store maybe later today to take pictures of more fabrics!

Next week everything gets busy again for the year. Bible study on Tuesday and Wednesday, Awana for the kids on Wednesday night, back to the gym (I need to do this bad!), Amelia's dance lessons on Thursdays, and I'm starting a book club with a friend too.

Right now I'm getting ready to go bake my Amish Friendship Bread. Someone at church gave me a starter for it, and this is my first time to make it but I've heard that it's delicious! Today is day 10, baking day. Amelia is very excited to help me bake it, she loves to help in the kitchen! I'll take a picture and let you know how it turns out.

Ok, time to get Matilda down for her nap and bake some bread!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some recent shenanigans

I just remembered that I was going to put on here some of the things the kids have said recently.

Camden has nursery rhyme day at school on Friday and has to dress up as his favorite nursery rhyme character. He told me he wanted to dress up as a T-Rex, but I told him there weren't any nursery rhymes with a T-Rex in them. His idea?

"How about...Hickory dickory dock, the T-Rex broke the clock. There, now it's a nursery rhyme so can you please buy me a T-Rex costume?"

Amelia told me the other day: "Mommy, I had a vewy mystewious dweam last night!"

Yesterday on the way to school Camden sighed and said, "I just love kindergarten!"

I know there were others but of course as I sit down to type them I can't remember. I need to start keeping a notebook with me so I can write things down right away!