Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some recent shenanigans

I just remembered that I was going to put on here some of the things the kids have said recently.

Camden has nursery rhyme day at school on Friday and has to dress up as his favorite nursery rhyme character. He told me he wanted to dress up as a T-Rex, but I told him there weren't any nursery rhymes with a T-Rex in them. His idea?

"How about...Hickory dickory dock, the T-Rex broke the clock. There, now it's a nursery rhyme so can you please buy me a T-Rex costume?"

Amelia told me the other day: "Mommy, I had a vewy mystewious dweam last night!"

Yesterday on the way to school Camden sighed and said, "I just love kindergarten!"

I know there were others but of course as I sit down to type them I can't remember. I need to start keeping a notebook with me so I can write things down right away!

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  1. Camden is a little manipulator, I'd say! That is so funny!!