Saturday, July 11, 2009 1

Amelia had her first ballet lesson today.

When we first got there, she didn't want me to leave her and she was really pouty. They take the kids in a room and then the parents and siblings go to a waiting room. The pictures I got were through a little window in the door, so they didn't come out great, but here they are:

After she was done she told me how much she loved it and how much fun she had. She said she learned how to do butterfly flaps and walk on her toes in a line. I tried to get her to let me videotape what she learned, but she keeps telling me, "Later mom, ok?" Maybe soon we'll have a video up of the little ballerina.

I really like the ballet school she's going to. They emphasize morals and values, and never make the kids wear anything inappropriate. I recently went to a dance recital where the little girls were covered in makeup and had pretty questionable outfits on that I would never be comfortable letting my daughter wear.

She's in a four week class right now, so for the next three Saturdays there should be more ballet pics!

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