Friday, September 2, 2011

Some more new things...

I've been working hard to create some new items for Boomershenanigans. Did you know that our motto is "Hand-made, on-the-go style for mommies and their little mischief makers"?

My goal is to be able to grow my business enough that I can help bring in some income to ease the burden on our family. Being a family of 6 with one income is tough! I hope that through Boomershenanigans, I can help make mommies and babies happy, and in the process bring a little income to our household.

Here are the latest creations to be added to the list!

This is Phoebe, the littlest of my shenanigans, sporting her new pacifier clip. Clips are $5, and can be made in any color or pattern you like. New ribbon is on order right now, and I'll have some new choices up very soon!

This is the crinkly stuffed owl. It has open ribbons of different sizes, lengths, and colors that baby can pull on. Phoebe loves the crinkly noise it makes when she squeezes it. Below are some (in my opinion) darling pictures of Phoebe with her new crinkly owl. Comes in all different colors/patterns, and also available in initials! $8 for an owl or an initial.


Chew it!

Hug it!

Cuddle it!

Another new item is the stuffed owl (can you tell I love owls?!)...these come in two sizes, small $13 (12"x9.5") or large $15 (13.5"x9.5").  No two are the same (unless of course you order them to be the same), you can specify whether you'd like a boy owl or a girl owl, and I'll come up with something just for you!

This is Ava, she was the very first owl made by Boomershenanigans, and she was also our very first giveaway!  For every 100 "likes" the Boomershenanigans Facebook page gets, we'll do a giveaway.  my little shenanigans were sad when I mailed Ava off, they all wanted to keep her!  They are asking me to make them their own.  I see a Christmas present possibility here....

Of course, there are still the Ta-ta Tarps (nursing covers for discreet moms), onesies that come in anything you can dream up (initials, cupcakes, dinosaurs, anything!!), tote bags with the same endless possibilities as onesies (some new Halloween totes will be underway soon, perfect for trick-or-treating!), and I'm always working on new ideas.  You can contact me at, or on my Facebook page,!

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