Monday, August 17, 2009

First day of school! First day of school!

I woke up with that going through my head. Like in Finding Nemo, when Nemo is excited for school and his dad doesn't want him to go. I tried talking Camden out of school for the last two days, but he was very serious about going. :-)

We drove up to the school today because it was raining, normally we'll walk. We went in and took a few pictures, Camden in front of his classroom and sitting at his assigned place at his table.

When I went to pick him up he had a big smile and told me he loved Kindergarten and had a fun time. I was pretty relieved. I knew he would like it, but there was still a little part of me that wondered how he would do. He kept his clothespin on the happy face with a star today. (Their chart system where each child has a clothespin with their name on it and it moves to happy, straight face, or sad depending on how they do that day.)

Anyway, here are the pictures...

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  1. That smirk cracks me up! Good for you, Amber, for not crying! By the time Matilda goes, you'll send her off by herself! LOL!