Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Year

I would say that my New Year's resolution is to be a better blogger, but let's face the facts real resolution is to lose some weight. Like 50 pounds worth. Actually about 46.5 since I've already lost 3.5 this week.

Ok, so it appears that my last post was on October 13. Only 3 months ago.

What's been going on the last three months....
The kids dressed for Halloween as The Lion, Dorothy, and Toto. I made the girls' costumes and they turned out pretty cute. The lion was too much for me to take on, so we bought that one.

Umm, all I remember is Thanksgiving.

Amelia had her first dance recital. Pictures are included in the slide show below.
We spent a lot of time driving around looking at Christmas lights. We had a great Christmas, even though we missed having Kristen here. When we pulled into the driveway at mom and dad's on Christmas afternoon, Camden wanted to know if Auntie was there. I said no, and he said, "But she's always here on Christmas!" It was sad. We do get to talk to her on Skype though, and Matilda points at the computer a lot and says, "Auntie!" (which actually comes out more like, "Teetee!")
We had a very snowy Christmas, and we weren't sure if we'd be able to even make it out of our neighborhood that day. We did, and the kids were very relieved. It hasn't stopped snowing since. At least it feels that way. We have a record amount of snow and school was supposed to start back Tuesday, but has been canceled all week because it is so snowy and cold. Oh, and also because our mayor didn't fund enough for snow removal, so all the side streets are completely snow and ice covered. Nice. We can barely get down our street, and there were kids actually ice skating on our street the other day.

The kids and I combined our Christmas money and bought a Wii and they each got to pick out some games. It has been nice to have it this week with no school and not being able to get out much.

So...that should pretty much bring you up to date. I'm putting in another slide show of the last 3 months so you can see what we've been up to...somehow they got out of order, but anyway...

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